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“How to Create a High Converting – Profit Pulling Sales Letter for
Any Product of Yours in Less
Than 15 Minutes Using Completely Free Software!”

From: Syamsul Alam

RE: Your Business Done in Minutes

Let’s just cut the cheesy introduction and go straight to the point…

I promise that in the next few minutes, I’ll show you a way to create -fully working- sales letter in just few minutes, which allow you to launch that product of yours that sitting in your hard disk, unable to make sales only because it has no sales letter.

I’ll also show you how to create a sales letter for almost every PLR products that sitting on your hard disk – slow down your computer, and turn them into another passive income stream for you.

You’ll also watch me using a system that enable me to launch my product in the next 20 minutes after I complete my product creation – this system will help me create sales letter, download page, and order delivery almost automatically – which allow my visitor to click on the order button and send their money to my PayPal account.

You be the judge… This is what I can do using my ‘secret copywriting system’. Does these things below look appealing to you?

  • Create a blank sales letter in one second and fill the blank according the product that you sell in the next twenty minutes, and start seeing payment notification from PayPal.
  • Finishing sales letter, download page, and order fulfillment system in the next 25 minutes after you upload your product to your server.
  • Crank out 5, 7, 11 sales letter today, launch several products of yours, put that PLR or MRR product online and turn it into digital gold.
  • Setup a WSO sales letter in just 8 minutes, complete with working buy button, and start making sales today.
  • 24 hours product launch formula, setup your own profit pulling sites and start making your first $100 TODAY without having any product or skill.
  • (Bonus) Find high quality PLR product for FREE that you can sell for $10 or $20.
  • and many more…

Enough talking, I know that seeing is believing. So how about watching this short video where I demonstrate how I create a WSO sales letter in just mere minutes?

Video Proof
“How I Setup Sales Page in Seconds!!”

“Fifteen Minutes Profits”
The Easiest, Fastest, and Most Proven Way to Setup Your Business in Minutes….

Here’s What You Get Access to…

Shortcuts Codes:
“Main FMP Shortcuts Code”


Automate your sales letter creation process and create a sales letter just by typing in one simple and easy to remember keyword shortcut or pressing one hotkey button. Start having your own sales letter from now without having to hire expensive copywriter and wait days or even weeks to get your sales letter created!

Easily reformat your HTML sales letter without having to mess up with any HTML editor. Turbo charge your sales letter editing process with pre-installed and tested headline, subheadline, offer, guarantee, HTML tags and many more shortcuts.

“BBCode Shortcuts Code”


Get your sales letter ready to make sales in any forum that support BBCode (Warrior Forum is one of them). Create an easy to read sales letter formatted in BBCode format in just one click. No more spending hours and hours of editing to make your WSO sales letter looks pretty and easy to read to your potential buyer.

Easily add common sales letter elements such as headline, subheadline, bullet list, images, guarantee, and everything, completely BBCode formatted for the best looks, in just 2 seconds. Edit your sales letter and change it the way you like it with couple of click so you get a sales letter that looks and sounds exactly the way you want it…

“Image Links Shortcuts Code”


Automatically insert attention grabbing image that will lead your visitor’s eyes to your offer. Add big red arrow, high converting buy button, guarantee seal image, and many more to your sales letter just by typing in one simple shortcut code. Use it as call to action, for your order button, or to add more credibility to your sales letter.

Save lots of time to reformat your sales letter with nice looking and professionally designed sales letter graphic that will guaranteed to improve your sales letter conversion rate.

Video 1
“FMP Shortcut System Installation”


In just a few clicks, you’ll have your FMP Shortcut System installed in your computer. It is really easy when you know how, and no, you don’t need that tech guy or webmaster to install this shortcut system to your computer.

You are now ready for the ability to setup sales letter in just seconds and just one step away from having the entire sales automation process on your own, and start making money from your product anytime you want.

Video 2
“FMP System Configuration on WordPress”


You will have your WordPress site designed perfectly for conversion, search engine optimized for better visibility in search engine, and better secured to avoid digital theft from accessing your digital goodies.

Never needing a tech guy anymore to setup your sales letter, creating member area, putting your content online, and optimizing your sales letter for better search engine performance because you now can set up everything in just few clicks (after you know how)!

Video 3
“Create a Sales Letter in 15 Minutes”


Create your own fully working and converting sales letter in just fifteen minutes, complete with working buy button where people can send you their money for your product and instant commission affiliate program for happier affiliates (happy affiliate easily translate to more traffic to your offer and more money generated from your product).

And… what I mean by working sales letter is a sales letter that ready to take a payment with completely configured buy button.

Create fill-in-the-blank sales letter in 1 second with just one click, and change it into a simple and WORKING sales letter that will make you money 24/7 easily and effortlessly now.

Video 4
“Sales Letter Creation in 15 Minutes (part 2)”


Easily improve your sales letter with plug-and-play tested headline, sub headline, and guarantee just by typing one easy to remember shortcut code for better conversion of your sales letter. Create a profit-polling sales letter from scratch in minutes by adding crucial elements of sales letter (headline, benefits list, offer, call to action and buy button) just by typing in few shortcut keywords.

Easily add or remove each sales letter elements according your needs, and have the kick-ass sales letter effortlessly for your product anytime you want and now you can fire that expensive copywriter forever and keep all profits for yourself… You deserve it!

Video 5
“Rapid WSO Sales Letter Creation”


You can now setup your WSO sales letter in seconds and have your fully working WSO, ready to make sales, in just minutes! Your WSO sales letter will completely formatted nicely for better readability in BBCode format. That means, no headache visitor just because poorly formatted sales letter which also means more sales for your product.

Easily add attention grabbing headline in BBCode format effortlessly to your WSO sales letter, reformat the look of your sales letter with different font sizes, different color, and different indent space for better conversion easily, in any way you want, in just minutes!

Video 6
“Setup Your Member Area in 2 Minutes!”


In just few clicks and couple of minutes you’ll have complete order fulfillment system ready to send the product to your buyer automatically. No more headache from costumer’s email who complain that they can’t access the product that they just purchased.

Turn your buyer easily into repeated buyer by adding their PayPal email address automatically to your mailing list. Inform them with your next product launches, and make money even before you have your product online.

Using FMP Shortcut System, you literally can create a member area in less than 3 minutes. One second to create the blank member area, and two minutes fifty nine seconds to add download links to your products. There’s no easier way than this system to setup your business. Guaranteed!

Video 7
“How to Add New Shortcut to Your FMP System”


Improve your sales letter by easily add your own sales letter swipe files. Whenever you saw headline, bullet point, buttons, or anything that grab your attention and guaranteed to improve your sales letter’s conversion rate, simply copy it, paste it in “the secret software”, and use it as reference or as template for your next sales letter with just one shortcut.

Start to make more money with better sales letter for any product with less time and money invested, change the way you create sales letter forever, period!

Time Limited Bonuses:
Only For The Next Few People Who Join Today

When you join “FMP Shortcut System” today, you’ll get even more than just the Videos, Mindmaps, and the Shortcut Software and Files…

Time Limited Bonus #1:
“Make Money in Less than 24 Hours! Crash Course”


In this three parts video, I’ll show you how you can profits using FMP Shortcut System in as little as 24 hours. And what I mean by ‘profits’ is how you can get real money, get real result using FMP Shortcut System.

In this video I cover about how you can create your own product or getting products that you have the rights to sell for FREE, which you can sell for at least $10 or $20. I’ll show you how you can do it in less than 2 hours, or even do it just by download those products from ‘secret’ download area which you can then watermark with your own name and then upload it to your own server, and sell it for nice and quick profits.

I also show you how you can drive instant and huge amount of targeted traffic right to your sales letter without spending a dime (you’ll only need few minutes to search it on Google!).

Later, I’ll also show you how you can reformat any video into armies of simple report, that will work for you 24/7 to drive laser targeted traffic for your site. I’ll show you that creating 7 pages or more step-by-step tutorial report is easy and can be done in less than 20 minutes if you know how…

Time Limited Bonus #2:
“Paper Sales Letter WP Theme”

What is the secret of high converting sales letter design? Is it fancy graphic? Nah… fancy graphic tends to be distracting.

If you notice sales letters these days, you’ll notice that there are more and more clean and simple sales letter. Why? That’s because simple sales letter works. Simple sales letter also mean less time and less money spent on fancy mini site design.

If you grab your copy now, you’ll also get access to this clean, simple, white, famous high converting sales letter WordPress theme. Not only that it will boost your conversion, the newest version of this paper sales letter also have built in page protection by removing unnecessary wp-head information from appearing in your theme.

Time Limited Bonus #3:
“Make Money in Less Than 24 Hours! Action Sheet”


People tend to be distracted by small trivial things that happen every single day. That’s why it is necessary to keep ourselves accountable. This action sheet will ensure you that you do nothing but move towards your goal, which is to get your first $1 online in the next 24 hours.

This action sheet contains small things that you must do in order to get your first product launched and start generating online income for you. Just follow along and finish every simple task one by one. You’ll finish it sooner than you expected and you’ll realize that make money online isn’t as hard as you think.

Get Instant Access To Everything
For Only


(This price is a special offer and will go up as I update the product)

“What’s the Catch? Why Are You Selling This for So Little?”

The truth is I simply love over delivering.

It makes my customers happy, it helps me get more repeat sales in the future and I get to help more people in the process.

I do reserve the right to increase the price at any time, but the truth is, the longer you wait to get my course, the longer it will be before you start creating your own sales letter in the next few minutes and start making money from your product.

Do you really want to wait for that to happen…?

Grab everything that you see here now confidently because…

I’ll ensure that I take all the risk from you…

You’re Covered by My Unique
“365 Days Guarantee!”

Take me up on my offer and if you’re not completely thrilled in the first ten minutes then I insist you to contact me here and I will personally refund every penny of your investment.

Or better yet…

Try it out for a full year (yes, 365 days). Go through all the killer bonuses till your heart’s content and if you’re still not satisfied for any reason or no reason at all, simply send me a quick email here and I will refund every penny of your order!

No question asked except your PayPal email where I can check your purchase and refund your money.

Priority “FMP Shortcut System” Order Form

YES Alam! I want to know how to build my business in less than 15 minutes!

  • I understand I will be billed $39.95 today to receive immediate access to the ‘FMP Shortcut System Video Course
  • I will also receive new update for future version of the product (without future payment)
  • I can refund at any time with no questions asked whatsoever

Order over our secure order form.

After you pay, you will be redirected to our member area. Enter your name and email address first to receive future product update from me, then download the product that you just purchase.

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