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by Syamsul Alam on December 13, 2011 · 0 comments

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I’m not big of SEO guy, but I do have and use some SEO tools to make it easier for me to check competition, make decision, and generally rank my site better in search engine.

Below, I list some of the best SEO tools that I think is a must to install in your browser. I know that you might be know more than me about SEO, so if I miss your favorites seo tools, just let me know via comment form.

The SEO Toolbar from

This is definitely one of the best (if not the best) SEO toolbar out there. Not only does it displays page rank, it also displays link count from Yahoo!, Google, and more from a certain page. Just take a look at pic below.

SEO Tools - SEO Toolbar in action

SEO Tools Features - Data Overview Image

You can download this awesome toolbar here:

Joost de Valk, SEO guy who I respect very much for his knowledge for SEO made a video about this SEO Toolbar which you can see here:

SEO Toolbar from

Alternative to SEO Toolbar from I personally don’t use it (there’s no point of having two SEO Toolbar that do exactly the same thing) and since there are not that much buzz about it, I assume that this SEO toolbar is inferior than SEO Toolbar from (I can be really wrong).

Download it here: it supports Mozilla and Google Chrome for now. It might works with Opera and IE in the future.

Some image to show how cool this toolbar is:

SEOMoz SEO Toolbar - SERP Overlay image

SEO Toolbar from

This SEO toolbar does a great job to sort your search engine result from certain parameters (e.g Google page rank, licks counted from Yahoo!, and more). You can download it here:

Short video on how to setup your SEOQuake parameters:

Which One is The Best SEO Toolbar?

Well… I don’t know and I don’t care. But just in case you’re curious, this post made by SearchEngineJournal might answer your question:

Edit: Did you know that I create an awesome WordPress SEO guide that details almost all basic and advanced SEO for your WordPress site?

Which seo tools that you use and for what purpose do you use it? Let me know in comment form below. Thanks.

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